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Day 6: #nofearnovember (Identity: Part 1)
by One Voice Worship on November 6th, 2014

Identity: Part 1

I was both convicted and inspired by a blog post I read a few mornings ago. The post asked the question, “What do you do?” which set my mind chasing another question: “Who am I?”  Typically, responses to these questions are focused on our profession or roles rather than our dreams, interests, and passions. Shouldn’t our answer reflect the beautiful individuality with which our Creator infused us rather than being a resume recitative? (Click here to read “So What Do You Do?” by Mark Henson, Chief Imagination Officer at sparkspace).
I love a good challenge, and challenged I was! How would I answer those questions? I could answer with the same old “I’m a Jesus-following/Wife/Mama/Gigi/Friend/Bi-vocational Worship Leader-Vocal Coach-Writer-Speaker who’s just trying to survive the daily routine, live the dream, and answer the call.” Compelling, right?!?  Hardly! So I prayed it out. And immediately God took me back in time to a weekend retreat we attended a few years ago…
A retreat called Focused Living. What a life-changing experience! During the retreat, each attendee completed an exercise called the Post-it Note Timeline, where people, events and circumstances that have shaped your life are recorded on post-it notes. Painful or negative experiences are then re-written on different colored post-it notes. Finally, the notes are arranged in chronological order on a piece of poster board where immediately, the different chapters of your life story vividly come to life. These chapters, or turning points, soon reveal God’s presence and intention in every season and detail of your life; it’s a humbling glance from God’s loving, sovereign, and perfect perspective on that which often seems pointless, disconnected and devoid of purpose - your life. For me, a few life-long questions were answered. That which seemed random or irrelevant found significance. Mistakes and messes became meaningful. Painful experiences were given divine purpose. And my talents and gifts were transformed into essential tools for living God’s calling on my life. This exercise, integrated with the discovery of my purpose statement, values, and vision, answered the age-old questions of “What do you do?” and “Who am I?”
How easily I had forgotten who I truly am and what on earth I am here for!
Our identity is in a constant state of flux. Every moment is a decision to believe the truth of God or the lies of the enemy. (Click here to Tweet this quote.)
In this mini-series, we’ll be discovering the Biblical definition of identity. We’ll explore how the enemy tirelessly seeks to warp and destroy our self-perception, and how to apply and live out the truths of God and wear them as a cloak of confidence every day of our lives.
Life is crazy busy – I get it! But before we go any further, I want to offer you the opportunity to begin creating your own Post-it Note Timeline (or at least start making a list that will serve as the framework for our time together in the days to come).
Click here for the instructions:
Here’s a song to stoke creativity and offer you encouragement and inspiration for this leg of our journey together. See you tomorrow!
“He Knows My Name” by Francesca Battistelli

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