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Keep Calm & Pray On
by One Voice Worship on October 7th, 2015

Sometimes in life we’re made an offer that we can’t refuse, one that seems too good to be true.  I like to call these opportunities a ‘great exchange’.  Sometimes they require the sacrifice of something I’m not quite ready to loosen my grip on in exchange for something that’s unseen.  Other times, I practically catapult that which I’ve been clinging to in desperate release without a concern about that which I might receive in return.  Sometimes what I have to give seems so trivial and insignificant that I’m humbled or embarrassed to let it go and be given something of such tremendous value.  And still, there are times when I’m stubborn and reluctant to release my ‘treasures’ whether big or small for a known reciprocation of blessing and abundance and peace. 

In Philippians 4, we’re given the illustration of a great exchange – our anxieties, burdens, fears, obstacles, trials, and worries in exchange for God’s peace that is beyond human comprehension.  And more than mind-blowing peace, God’s peace guards our hearts and minds.  It has the power to keep us from returning to that life of burdensome struggle by placing our faith and hope and trust in Him rather than in our human capabilities and limitations.  Yet I find myself clutching tightly to everything that binds my heart to earth over that which frees it for living in God’s freedom and spiritual abundance.  By holding tightly to these things, I’m choosing to exchange abundance for anxiety, faith for fear, peace for problems, and trust for trials.  I’m picking up the dirty, heavy, rancid leftovers of the enemy over the life-giving treasures from God’s heavenly storehouses.  It’s simply illogical to trust God with my eternity but refuse to trust Him with the details of my daily life.  I mean seriously - the God who created everything out of nothing and who resurrects the dead is more than capable of providing for my needs, enabling me to accomplish that which has determined for me to do each day, and order the details of my life according to His plan for my life!  This doesn’t mean my life will be easy, simple or without pain or strife, but it does mean that I have a choice to simply be obedient with what I’ve been given to do and how I’ve been called to live according to the Bible and just leave the results and outcomes up to God.  It’s really much less complicated than I make it.

But it all starts with a great exchange.  My baggage for His peace.  That offer seems way too good to be true, and yet I know that God’s promises are sure and He is faithful.  Will I loosen my grip and choose to enjoy the mystery and adventure of watching God show up, show off, and move in miraculous ways in and through my life, or will I dig my heels in, refusing obedience, and forge my own way in life all the while pleading with God to bless my efforts as I impose my will upon Him? 

It is a daily, moment by moment decision to exchange all that I have for all that He is.  And I don’t know about you, but I sure could use more peace in this life.  Peace that lets me sleep at night.  Peace that infuses my bones with life and joy.  Peace that makes people wonder how in the world I can still laugh in the midst of physical affliction, financial struggles and unresolved impossibilities.  Peace that gives me the permission to just do my obedient best each day so that God can work all things for good and accomplish His will over mine.  Peace that releases me from the burden to figure everything out and orchestrate getting it all done and, well, toil in vain, because God already has a solution being worked out for my good as He fights the enemy on my behalf.  Peace that allows me to live this life to the fullest with an eternal impact within my sphere of influence. 

Peace lives and breathes the Gospel message by giving life and drawing others to it.  Stress suffocates peace, quenching the Gospel with the flesh and repelling others from it.  (Click to Tweet quote.)

What will YOU choose?  Are you ready to make the great exchange?

Embrace today, and start living the transformed life!

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